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Preventing Animal Attacks

Thousands of animal attacks occur in the United States every year. Ranging from minor scratches to casualties, these attacks could come from your neighbor’s dog or a camping bear. Although some are more prone than others, any animal is capable of attacking. However, many of the attacks that occur could or should have been prevented.

Animal attacks usually occur when an animal fears that it is in danger. Their natural response is to fight for their lives. Regardless of whether we mean bad or not, our actions can make an animal believe that we are endangering it. This is usually more common for wild animals. Animals we own as pets are much more accustomed to human interaction, so they are less likely to be afraid of humans.

Pet owners are generally responsible for any attacks from their pets. This means that pet owners should not only take steps to prevent injury to others, but also reduce their own risk of liability. There are many ways pet owners can do this.

– Prevent your pets from leaving your property. You can keep your pets indoors or in your yard. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You just don’t want your pet to be able to run away from your property and attack another person.

– Always be present and alert when your pet encounters strangers. Being around when your pet meets a stranger will reduce your pets’ fear and reduce the chances that it will attack

Wild animals are like a completely different animal breed. They are used to fighting with other animals for food and their safety. It’s fun to go camping or go out into the wild and see these wildlife, but the best way to avoid an attack is to just leave them alone. Watching them from a distance is usually not a problem as most animals will run away if they feel they are in danger. If you try to get too close and the animal feels cornered, there is a good chance the animal’s natural response is to attack, so be smart and don’t put a wild animal in that position.

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