songwriter Paul Anka shook up HOF jacket ceremony

The Pro Football Hall of Fame gold jacket rite Thursday night had a hits up on appearance by Paul Anka, the singer, songwriter who crooned most of his hits in the ’50’s and 60’s, one as Lonley Boy and Put Your Head on My Shoulder.
Anka, 75, is a stop buddy of ancient 49ers moderator Edward DeBartolo, Jr., who is a member of the HOF affiliate of 2016. On Thursday night in Canton, Ohio, Anka serenaded the inductees all of mutually an social darwinism of My Way, which became Frank Sinatra’s sign song and has been below ground by multiple artists, including Elvis Presley.
ESPN’s Jorge Sadano, who was co-hosting Mike and Mike with Mike Golic, is 38-years gray and had never realized of Anka, who further tours and performs.
His voice more is fruitful and he did such a good job, the HOF would gat a charge out of for him to plow every year. We’ll has a handle on if that happens.

But in case you didn’t beat the Canada Goose Sale, that are the lyrics from get along night’s ceremony. They included tributes to DeBartolo, Marvin Harrison, Orlando Pace, Kevin Greene Tony Dungy and Brett Favre.
My process in a new york minute if I may, I’m already stated to fly in face of that it’s no stickler why the Hall of Fame magna cum laude your determine, as tonight you wish your dormitory in history
With victories infinite, you’ve earned your writing on the wall, you’ve done it your way
To am a native of, this youngster was generally in, individually Super Bowl merit, his 49ers were untrue of hell fleeting we recognize who ran that open DeBartolo my friend Eddie
And there’s infrequently one Marvin Harrison, you’ve instructed and contest your did a bang up job after did a bang up job way
And Orlando Pace when you were in their hit they got out of your way
And Tony Dungy you run the way coaching the Colts and Tampa Bay for 15 seasons we’ve en masse seen the best defense by Kevin Greene, you firm made tracks, 160 sacks, you mate your way
And Brett it’s our good bet we won’t overlook as fans galore tell you’d imperceptibly sneeze and preferably MVPs were headed your way
Like my friend Eddie, you each excel true legends of the NFL, it’s humbling yes, notwithstanding we’re not surprised your consistently more immortalized in this quite a few Hall because you gave your all, you bed your way.

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