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Wild Animal Themed Costumes For a Roaring Success

When it comes to picking a fancy dress costume party theme there are plenty of choices around an overall animal theme. From the exotic choice of a Jungle or Safari theme through Noah’s Ark to the more humble Farmyard and Circus themes there is plenty to choose from. Let’s look at some of the options.

Most popular would be a safari or jungle theme which would allow your guests to be truly creative. It also allows those less comfortable in full animal fancy dress to dress more simply in khaki, don their safari hats and be either a hunter or an explorer. If the party is to be outdoors then this theme can be carried through the decoration scheme outside with perhaps some parrots (see pirate accessories) in the trees and some exotic leaves or palm throngs. If you are short of trees or you are having the party indoors, plenty of green and brown streamers around the area will add the right colour.

Any exterior lighting should be with garden flares or candles to in keeping with the safari feel. Safety point: if you are using streamers and are planning naked flames, make sure you have at minimum flame retardant decorations.

To continue the theme you could use a CD of animal noises – make sure you get one of exotic birds and animals and not farm yard – and you could keep this playing in the background to add to the atmosphere. This would be best played in the garden perhaps through a portable player suitably and carefully placed to be out of sight and protected from the weather.

Whether the party is for adults or children, you could use large animal cut-outs to decorate the either the room or the garden. These can be cut from cardboard, or flattened cardboard boxes and if you are not convinced of your artistic ability, paint them as matte black silhouettes. Pinned to the fence or wall and gently lit they will blend into the overall decoration

If you want something a little less exotic, then you could opt for a Farmyard party. Again this will allow for some of your guests to dress as farmers or farm workers. Decoration outdoors could include some hay bales and the cut outs for decorations could include tractors and other farmyard machinery as well as other farm animals.

A Noah’s Ark animal themed party is a fantastic idea for a Twin’s Birthday Party. You may not get two of every animal but this is a great theme. The decoration could include a cardboard ark’s ramp at the entrance to the party and there is unlimited scope for the cut outs around the area – and don’t forget the biggest rainbow you can manage – think sample pots of paint slightly watered down. For children’s parties, bring in all the soft toy animals and let them add to the atmosphere.

Circuses require clowns in fancy dress as well as animals and the decoration could include cut outs for decoration could include tightrope walkers. Food could be toffee apples, hotdogs and popcorn in boxes.

The fancy dress costumes selected will depend on the age group being catered for. Animal costumes available for all ages and for those on a budget, there are some fantastic overhead masks and headbands. Some of the costumes include noisemakers and these are also available within some of the headbands.

If you can, why not hire a professional face painter to both entertain as well as adding to the costume effect of the party – this could be for both children’s and adult parties. If you are more adventurous and either want to do this yourself, or can find a willing helper, then face paints and face painting accessories are readily available and there are plenty of books with face painting designs available.

Article submitted by: KV Sinclair. Keith Sinclair has over 35 years of business experience and in addition to being a part time University Lecturer on Business Studies, he is CEO of Cavalcade; a group of companies operating in the party sector. Cavalcade operates Karnival-House one of the UK’s leading internet Fancy Dress Retailers. With massive stocks for immediate dispatch and an ever expanding range, Karnival-House continues to strive simply to offer outstanding service combined with outstanding value.


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