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Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

There are many reasons that air ducts should be cleaned. A unique event or concern may require that air ducts be cleaned. Many homeowners desire their air vents to be cleaned regularly due to health concerns or environmental factors specific to their area. Routine cleaning of your air vents is an effective way to protect your family’s health. It is not a reactive strategy or waiting for an excuse to clean them.

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* Visible mold growth can be seen in your ductwork Energy Home Service – Air Duct Cleaning and other parts of your heating or cooling system

* Rodents or other insects have infested your ductwork. Cleaning will get rid of them and any other pests that may have attracted your ductwork.

* You have severe restricted airflow or your vents are blocked

You can also have your air ducts cleaned for the following reasons:

* Recent remodeling has created a lot more dust. Cleaning will keep the dust from spreading throughout your home.

* Residents are concerned about dust, mold, pollen and pet dander.

* Water can enter the system through a pipe, storm, fire, or other means.

* Mold was discovered during routine HVAC component service. Significant amounts of dust and debris were released into the duct systems that homeowners do not Vaughan Duct Cleaning want to see spread throughout their home by the duct system.

It is okay to have a small amount of household dust in your vents. It is acceptable to have a small amount of household dust in your air vents if you do not have any allergies or other symptoms.

The EPA recommends that residents who are suffering from unusual or unrelated medical conditions or illnesses should consult their doctor. The EPA has published a guide on identifying possible issues related to indoor air quality and techniques to prevent them.

Many people have their air ducts cleaned as part Richmond Hill Duct Cleaning of a regular household maintenance schedule. It seems normal that they will become dirty over time, and should be cleaned just like other things. If done correctly, there is no evidence to suggest that regular cleaning can cause damage to the system.

Air duct cleaning companies that don’t follow proper procedures can cause your air quality to worsen. If the technician’s brushes don’t remove all contaminants from the ducts, these contaminants can be released into your home. Unskilled cleaners can cause damage to your heating and cooling systems, as well as high-priced repairs.

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