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This Leader Was Able to Lead and Teach in Some of the Most Vitally Important Areas of Life!

Do you have any questions on this topic? Are you confused about this great event that will one day take place? The key issue is to be prepared and ready. I am referring to the coming again of Jesus Christ, which Paul deals with in a surprisingly profound and practical way in his first letter to the Church of Thessalonica. Take some time to read what he writes and teaches, especially in chapters 4 and 5.

This leader, who was also a traveler, a preacher and a teacher, has so much to share in these areas of life that each of us has to deal with. We who are in Christ are called by Christ to be the light of the world. Recall that Paul writes to those who are born-again committed Christians, and it is to such a group that he addresses these central truths. There are always those who love to do things in the dark and in the shade and where no one is expected to see. Paul has no gray areas. With Paul, as with all other biblical writers, it is black and white.

In verse 6 of chapter 5 he warns believers not to sleep as some do. Don’t nod. Do not fall. Watch and be alert, be alert and awake. Keep your eyes peeled for everything that’s going on. He who sleeps is the unbeliever, and he is a sleep of death. It is like drunkenness as these people are insensitive to any spiritual reality. Imagine being found drunk when Jesus Christ returns! In Romans chapter 13, verses 10 to 14, Paul develops this further. It was this passage when he heard it read, that moved Augustine when he led a rather wild life.

Imagine meeting Jesus Christ the worst for drinking! Imagine meeting Jesus Christ when you have been in the middle of a wild lifestyle! This can happen when sin controls a man’s life, as his consciousness can be subtly dimmed. He is the unbeliever who sleeps and dreams, and who is probably dreaming that all is well. This is dangerous to daydream. Man who is asleep spiritually can be awakened or awakened only by the Holy Spirit. Yes, the Holy Spirit can use God’s Word and preaching, our testimony and our testimony, and even the situation man might find himself in, but basically it’s the work of God’s Spirit. Now comes one of the phrases of Paul that is developed later in another letter, where he teaches those who are disciples of Jesus Christ, that we must be sober or self-controlled or alert or vigilant.

This leader has been able to lead and teach in some of the most important areas of life, and not just life but death too! The more we study the Christian faith, the more we see and learn that it not only teaches us how to live, but also how to die.

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